WELCOME to LICENSE 2 IMAGINE PRODUCTIONS (L2IP) the video production brainchild of David Diaz, and a group of NYC based professional collaborators working hard to bring audiences relevant, thought-provoking, socially-conscious entertainment to life.

Funding and preliminary pre-production for his next explosive film 41 SHOTS is underway. The film is fiscally sponsored by The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA). Go NYFA!


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The film was also chosen by Carole Dean’s From The Heart Productions HOT FILMS in the making!

Hot Films in the Making


David’s 2019 film THE GIFT is about a parochial school teacher is forced to question her beliefs when she catches her student sketching an image of her deceased twin sister.

His 2018 film LIE TO ME is about an unlikely friendship between a small town gay hustler and a war veteran on the verge of suicide after he realizes he’s followed all the rules but has little to show for it.

His 2016 film BEHIND THE BURKA was awarded The SOCIAL IMPACT and CREATIVITY AWARD by A Show for a Change 2017. LOGLINE: A chance encounter in a dentist office is an opportunity for a Muslim grandmother to defy her son’s traditional ways by allowing her grandson to befriend the TSA agent who had processed and approved her U.S. entry documents. The film is being distributed by: http://www.ashowforachange.com/

DIRECTORS STATEMENT: By and large the world is divided into the haves and the have nots. If you are considering hiring me as your Director, please note that, like all my films thus far, stories that explore the way the underdog faces and overcomes adversity (in all its shapes and forms) is particularly captivating to me.

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