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Funding and pre-production for 41 SHOTS is underway. 41 SHOTS is fiscally sponsored by The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA).

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41 SHOTS is a story that examines the power and the [tragic] consequences of ASSUMPTIONS. It’s a story inspired by a hate-filled act that leads to [questionable] excessive force by a white police officer against a young African American man. The aim of the film is to bring the police and [all] the communities they serve and protect together.

David has worn several hats above / below-the-line which has served as on-the-job training to becoming a filmmaker. His films have won Awards and two of his feature screenplays were semi-finalists in major screenwriting contests one of which is being developed. David attended NYU’s film program and is a life long student of Behavioral Psychology and Communications. He was also courted by college recruiters for his skill to pitch a baseball, but nowadays passionately divides his time between filmmaking, writing, producing, and pitching screenplays instead.

*MOST RECENT WORKS* (scroll all the way down).

THE GIFT (2019) is about a parochial school teacher who is forced to question her beliefs when she catches her student sketching an image of her deceased twin sister.

LIE TO ME (2018) is about an unlikely friendship between a small town gay hustler and a war veteran on the verge of suicide after he realizes he’s followed all the rules but has little to show for it.

BEHIND THE BURKA (2016) was awarded The SOCIAL IMPACT and CREATIVITY AWARD by A Show for a Change 2017. It is a story about a chance encounter in a dentist office that leads to an opportunity for a Muslim grandmother to defy her son’s traditional ways by allowing her grandson to befriend the TSA agent who had processed and approved her U.S. entry documents. BEHIND THE BURKA is distributed by:

TO HIRE ME as a Writer and/or Director! Socially-minded, satirical in nature comedies and/or drama’s are near-and-dear to my heart. As is smart Disney-esque type stories that involve kids and/or animals (pets).