LICENSE 2 IMAGINE PRODUCTIONS (where social issues + entertainment meet) is the award-winning video production brainchild of David Diaz + a group of talented collaborators working hard to bring audiences compelling stories that matter. Whether for Adults or the YA/Middle Grade demographic, when you see David’s work you will be entertained, get smarter and talk about what you have seen!

David has worn many hats above + below-the-line.  In addition, he is a life-long student of Behavioral Psychology and Communications. Early on he was courted by college recruiters for his skill to pitch a baseball, but nowadays divides his time between filmmaking, writing, producing and pitching screenplays instead.


THE GIFT (2019) WINNER of the AWARD OF MERIT by the BEST SHORTS COMPETITION (2020) and a SPECIAL MENTION AWARD by the LONDON X4 FILM FESTIVAL (2020). LOGLINE: A parochial school teacher is forced to question her beliefs when she catches her student sketching an image of her deceased twin sister.

LIE TO ME (2018) Received an HONORABLE MENTION LONDON X4 FILM FESTIVAL (2020) and was selected by the NEW YORK LIFT-OFF FILM FESTIVAL (2020) as well as THE EAST VILLAGE QUEER FILM FESTIVAL (2020). One film industry aficionado wrote, “Lie To Me is a beautiful, artful, cinematic creation.” LOGLINE: An unlikely friendship between a small town gay hustler and a war veteran on the verge of committing suicide after realizing he has followed all the rules, but has little to show for it.

BEHIND THE BURKA (2016) Awarded the SOCIAL IMPACT AWARD and CREATIVITY AWARD by A Show for a Change (2017). LOGLINE: A chance encounter in a dentist office that leads to an opportunity for a Muslim grandmother to defy her son’s traditional ways by allowing her grandson to befriend the TSA agent who had processed and approved her U.S. entry documents. Distributed by:

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